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We heard powerful evidence from those with lived experience that they initially started gambling on fruit machines as children, before developing severe gambling issues. We cannot deny that historically fruit machines have been a gateway for some children into gambling, and ultimately, problem gambling. However, as gambling practices have changed, particularly with the massive growth in online gambling and video games with gambling-like elements, we must ensure that we are tackling the current gateways into gambling for children and young people, not those of 10, 15 or 20 years ago

The minimum age at which an individual can take part in any online gambling should be raised to 18. Children at racecourses 474.

On-course bookmakers at racecourses have historically performed badly at age verification checks and have allowed underage customers to place bets. In July 2019 the Gambling Commission announced that seven bookmakers were having their licences reviewed after allowing a 16-year old to place a bet at Royal Ascot.502 Officers from the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, alongside the Gambling Commission and Trading Standards, conducted age verification test purchases at Royal Ascot. Of the 17 bookmakers tested, seven allowed a 16-year old to place a £5 bet.

Richard Watson, Executive Director of the Gambling Commission, stated that: “Despite various educational attempts to raise standards, by ourselves and the trade bodies, the on-course sector has historically performed poorly in both underage gambling test purchase exercises and Think 21 testing. Pass rates have failed to meet the standards expected and the sector has consistently performed to levels below those we see in other gambling and age restricted products. By way of example, over the past four years, the on-course sector has a pass rate of around 35% for Think 21 testing.”503


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