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Events in St Aloysius Church Hall


Event                                 Day                                 Time


Senior Citizens                              Tuesday                                    12.30pm – 3pm


Adults 55 years and above.  Cost: £1

Karate                                               Tuesday                                    7pm – 8pm

Children (from 3 years) or Adults accepted.  Cost: £3

The Friendship Group                2nd  Tuesday of the month      7.30pm – 9pm


Adults.  Held at St James Church.

Brownies & Guides                    Thursday                                   5.45pm – 7.15pm


Brownies aged 7yrs to 10yrs.  Cost: £3. Girl Guides aged 10yrs to 14 yrs.  Cost: £3.

Karate                                               Thursday                                    7.30pm – 8.30pm

Children (from 3 years) or Adults accepted.  Cost: £3

Modern Sequence Dance                Friday                                        7pm – 10pm


Adults 65 years and above.  Cost £3


Living Well With Dementia          3rd Monday of the month        2pm – 4pm


A ‘drop in’ for anyone living with dementia, as well as family, friends and carers.  Information and support is provided and opportunities for activities and socialising.

No charge.

Church Hall events
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